Other Fees

Fees Category


Application processing fees
500 taka for all
Admission Fee:
10,000 taka (Non Refundable)
Caution Money :
2,000 taka (Refundable)
Computer Lab :
1,000 taka per Semester
Cheque Return, over draft:
500 taka and late fee will be added if applicable
Enrollment Fee
100 taka per semester
ID Card :
250 taka Per year
50 Taka Per Program (Undergraduate)
Library Development :
500 taka Per Semester
Late Fee :
500 taka per month
Pharmacy Lab :
2,000 taka per Semester
Re Admission Fee:
5,000 taka
Special Examination fee
2,000 Taka per 3 Credit Hour
International Students Fee Per semester
Transfer Course
Per 3 credit Hour 2,000